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September 12, 1922
Sisters Maria and Sofia Mortir were taken to the Sinaia Monastery, Romania. They were placed within the walls of the monastery and began preparations for taking monastic vows.

September 20, 1922
The younger sister, Sofia, was diagnosed with a severe mental disorder, accompanied by bouts of aggression and memory lapses. During another attack, she seriously injured sister Louise.

October 18, 1922
Sofia's condition worsened. Several more sisters were injured while trying to administer the ordinance of anointing to the girl.

October 30, 1922
Most of the sisters avoid the girl and question the nature of her illness. Everyone blames the devil doll that Sofia does not let go of her hands. God knows, she scares me too.

December 01, 1922
Sister Lucia was killed. Witnesses claim that Sofia lifted her into the air and threw her to the other end of the room. We cannot ignore the strange events surrounding this girl. I turned to the Vatican for help. In the meantime, we can only pray ...


- Mystical immersive quest (with the possibility of plot contact);

- Professional soundtrack;

- Light and noise effects;
- 6 characters;
- An area of over 500 m², stylized as a Romanian village;
- Full immersion and realism (no riddles and inappropriate locks);
- Freedom of decision making and their consequences;
- Possibility to choose the children's version (10+).

Please note that the location recreates the village, we ask you to choose comfortable clothes and shoes. A place to change clothes is also provided.

Passage versions





- Classic version with the possibility of scene contact (light touch of the hand, shoulder) (16+);
- Lightweight version for teenagers (14+);
- Children's version (10+).  

- Contact version of the "medium" level (scene contact with possible unpleasant sensations without pain) (18+).
(Scene contact with possible discomfort without pain) (18+).

- Contact version (close contact with possible painful sensations, the maximum number of players in the "economy" mode is 4 people from the team) (18+).

Book now
Якорь 1
Price for a team of 1-4 people, payment for extra players - 1000 rubles / person.
Book a game on our website and receive a guaranteed discount from 500 to 1500 rubles, depending of  number of players and a selected time.
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Moscow city, street Prospect Vernadsky 12 D.

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