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Safety Statement

  • All participants in the quest (players) must be in place 5 minutes before the game. The time for completing quests for late players can be reduced.

  • Children under 14 years old (for light performances) and under 16 years old (for performances and horror games with contact acting) are not allowed to participate in our quests without an adult. This rule is mandatory for safety reasons, if necessary, the quest administrator can request identity documents from a specific player (in order to identify his exact age).

  • Players from your team who did not appear at the beginning of the quest (late, lost, or otherwise) will not be able to join the team (if the game has already started). They can wait until the game is over in the welcoming zone.

  • Players under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed to participate in the quest.

  • It is forbidden to bring alcohol, cigarettes and drugs with you to quest locations; if this fact is found, the game will be stopped, and the players will be removed from the facility without refunding money for the game.

  • Drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited throughout the property.

  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the property (smoking is allowed outside in front of the entrance).

  • Before starting the game, all players are required to leave mobile phones, piercing and cutting objects, firearms, keys, bags and other items that may interfere or facilitate the passage of the quest in the Welkom zone.

  • Registration for all our quests is preliminary, according to the time available at the time of creating the application on a specific day of the week. Registration for a quest cannot be made no earlier than 2 hours before the start of the game itself. After completing the application for the game, wait for a call from our manager (otherwise we cannot guarantee confirmation of the reservation).

  • During the passage of the quest, it is strictly forbidden to use physical force on objects and actors located on the territory of the quest location. All our quests are easy to complete with the help of intuition, ingenuity and observation.

  • If the player became ill at the time of the quest, the quest stops, the player is removed by the administrator, and then the game continues without the player who left the quest. In order to stop the game, you need to cross your arms above your head while being close to the video camera lens in any of the rooms. Please note that video cameras have blind spots, if you need to leave the quest, but the operator does not see (does not react) to your signals in the camera, you must clearly and loudly say the phrase "STOP THE GAME!"

  • It is forbidden to use physical force (beat, break, tear off) to decorations, doors, furniture and other quest items. If the object does not lend itself to your actions, then it must stand in its place. In case of damage to quest items, you may be invoiced to pay for this props / item. It is prohibited to use any personal items (brought with you to the location) in addition to quest items during the game. If they are found, the game can be stopped.

  • In our quests, the floor and walls are not higher than 2m in height. The ceiling is not involved in quests.

  • Any audio and video filming of quest locations is prohibited.

  • Taking photographs inside locations is prohibited (there is a special place for photographs in the waiting area).

  • Do not forget that this is still a game, albeit super realistic. Control your emotions when dealing with an actor. The use of physical force against actors and game characters is prohibited. If this rule is violated, the game may be completed, and the money for the game will not be returned.

  • Not knowing the rules for visiting the quest does not absolve players from responsibility for non-compliance.

  • The administration is not responsible for the physical and psychological state of the players during the game on quests of the "performance" and "horror" level, because these game plots are aimed at getting adrenaline, fear and other uncontrollable emotions (players in the process of playing this kind of games can also be subjected to trials and physical stress), in which the player often cannot control his actions and assess the degree of their consequences, which means obviously high the degree of injury hazard of the event.

  • The administration is not responsible for the personal belongings of players and visitors to the facility left unattended

  • The passage of the game is recommended in comfortable clothing that does not hinder movement, which you do not mind getting dirty or torn.

  • The administration of the quest, for their personal or other convictions and reasons, may unilaterally refuse to visit the quest for a specific player or team as a whole - without giving any reasons. Funds, if the team or the player were in an inadequate state or under the influence of psychotropic substances, will not be returned.

  • Depending on the selected game mode, physical force can be applied to the players, without injury and severe irreparable damage to the body. The quest has similar variations in physical actions and loads on the body, comparable to extreme sports, therefore, each player must understand that while visiting the game he can get accidental injury or harm himself or another player. When deciding to visit the quest, each player must understand that there is a certain risk of injury, bruising or fracture of limbs (since the game takes place, including in low light, or in the complete absence of light), in view of this, all players , for the sake of personal safety on the quest during the game, it is strictly forbidden to move in conditions of complete darkness, or in insufficient lighting, as well as interact at such moments of the game with equipment, furniture, doors or other in-game items and decor elements, the administration is not responsible for injuries sustained by players in violation of these safety rules when visiting the quest. In case of any kind of injury, the player must immediately stop the game: show his arms crossed over his head in front of the video camera lens (video cameras have an IR backlight and burn red LEDs even in complete darkness, there is at least 1 video camera in each room) and loudly say "STOP-GAME" several times to stop the game and provide him with primary medical care, as well as, if necessary, to call the ambulance team in order to establish the presence of an injury and make a decision on the need (or lack of need) of hospitalization of the victim. The administration is not responsible for the actions of players that contradict the rules of the game and entail various kinds of injuries during the game, the player takes such actions at his own peril and risk. If during the game the player was injured, but refused to provide primary medical care, did not stop the game and did not call the ambulance to the place of service (quest) - further claims against the administration and organizers of the quest are not accepted.


Форма записок для лиц не достигших 18 летнего возраста 

Я, ________________________________________________________________________________________


___________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                    серия и номер паспорта


                                                                                            контактный номер телефона родителя


разрешаю моему сыну/дочери,


                                                                    ФИО, количество лет

посетить квест-перформанс _____________________.


Расположенный по адресу: 

Проспект Вернадского 12Д, ______________________.

                                                              дата и время игры 


С правилами безопасности, которые необходимо соблюдать при прохождении квеста ознакомлен(а). 


    ___________________________(___________________)                                     ___________________                                                         ФИО                                                        (подпись)                                                                                                           дата

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