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Exorcisms are different from each other.

There are a number of ceremonies that must be observed when a person is possessed by the devil.

First, this is the "Presence", it is important to establish what kind of demon it is, so that you can defeat him. The demon controls the body by not allowing the victim to eat or drink.

The second ceremony is the "Breakpoint", it is accompanied by panic, hallucinations, loud noise and pungent odors.

The next one is called "Collision", now the exorcist is in direct contact with the devil, otherwise the devil can overcome him, and the victim will no longer be saved.
The last, final stage is called "The Expulsion", thanks to the great will of God, the devil is expelled by force, because he was recognized.


You are expected by:

- mystical horror quest;
- the entourage of an abandoned monastery in Romania;
- clean and safe rooms;
- sound and light-noise effects;
- several actors.

The game has a minimal plot contact with the actors, but at your request it is possible to increase the contact mode:

Passage versions





- Classic version with the possibility of plot contact (light touch of the hand, shoulder) (16+);
- Lightweight version for teenagers (14+);
- Children's version (10+).  

- Contact version of the "medium" level (plot contact with possible unpleasant sensations without pain) (18+).
(Scene contact with possible discomfort without pain) (18+).

– Версия с сюжетным контактом (возможны неприятные ощущения без боли) (18+).

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Якорь 2
Price for a team of 1-4 people, payment for extra players - 1000 rubles / person.
Book a game on our website and receive a guaranteed discount from 500 to 1500 rubles, depending of  number of players and a selected time.
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